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24/7 Account Access


Whether you're out running errands, traveling to visit family, or in the comfort of your own home, we understand it's important to have complete access to your funds.

MoneyLine is OU Credit Union's free audio-response service that allows you to perform balance inquiries, transfers, and a number of other transactions without the assistance of a credit union representative.


Simply enter your OU Credit Union account number and 4-digit MoneyLine personal access code to manage your account via telephone.  All the menu options are stated to you. No need to memorize the numbers!


To use MoneyLine, call 800-666-9546. To obtain a personal access code for MoneyLine, call 800-766-6828 or send us a secure email.


Use the following codes to navigate your account in MoneyLine:
1.    Account Balance

2.    Account History

Press 1 for Checking Account
Press 2 for Savings Account
Press 3 for Loan Account

3.    Immediate Funds Transfer

4.    Immediate Payment

5.    Future Dated Transactions
6.    Change Personal Access Code
7.    Stop Payment Activities

Additional Options

  • 0 Speak with Operator
  • 3* Main Menu
  • 7* Log Out
  • 9* Different Account
  • # Repeat an Option
  • * Previous Menu