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How to Save for Your Next Vacation

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Published: Feb 22, 2018

How to Save for Your Next Vacation

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Are you ready to take a break and treat yourself? A lot of people think they can’t afford a vacation, or they don’t even know where to start in planning one. However, with a little advanced planning and preparation anyone can plan an exciting trip!


Automatic Transfers

Determine how much you’ll need to save for your vacation and set a date to achieve this goal. Set up bi-weekly automatic transfers to move funds into a separate savings account specifically for your trip. You’ll be less likely to spend those funds since they’ve been separated from the rest of your account. You can also automate your savings by following a savings challenge like the 52-Week Challenge or a weekly “No Spend” challenge. There are lots of different savings methods out there, the important thing is to find a system that works best for you and then stick to it.


Visit Friends

Traveling to see a friend is a great way to save money and rekindle any relationship. Plus, you’ll have a free place to stay and your own personal tour guide to show you the best local spots and share tips on what to avoid during your stay. You can return the favor when they visit you!


Do Your Research

Explore and get inspiration from travel blogs and websites. If you’re travelling to somewhere you’re completely unfamiliar with, check out what others did! They will likely have expert advice on what to do, see, and eat, and you’ll save time and possibly money by following their advice.


Use Alerts and Apps for Deals

Make the deals come your way. Set up alerts on flights and hotels so you don’t miss out on a good deal. You can also save money by researching happy hours, coupons, savings apps, and other deals in your area. Good deals are everywhere if you look hard enough.


Look Local

Be a tourist in your own town, or the next one over! You don’t necessarily have to travel far to have your own adventure. Chances are there are lots of great things to check out right in your own neighborhood. You can even treat yourself to extra special meals or excursions since you won’t have extra travel costs.


With these tips and tricks you’ll soon be well on your way towards your next big adventure!