“We are constantly striving to improve the experiences that we can offer to students through the ACHIEVE program, and also build relationships with our employers and sponsors. This year, the OU Credit Union sponsorship and the addition of part-time staff made it possible to create the event, which we proposed some years ago but have been unable to implement until now.”— Sherri Kerby, ACHIEVE Education Program Coordinator

OUCU Partners with OU ACHIEVE

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Published: Dec 10, 2018

OUCU Partners with OU ACHIEVE to Help Students Navigate Life after Graduation

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Oakland University Credit Union has once again partnered with Oakland University’s School of Business Administration and the ACHIEVE program to help prepare students for life after graduation. The OU ACHIEVE program provides undergraduates with tools and skills necessary to navigate adulthood and transition from college life to professional careers.


Along with university staff, career professionals from local companies including OU Credit Union, provide students with valuable information to enhance their success upon graduation. “I really appreciate the opportunity that I have to help students to make smart financial decisions through the ACHIEVE program” said Ian, a Financial Educator with the Credit Union. “I do my best to make the information as approachable and easily understood as I can.”


Effective budgeting, the importance of building good credit, and ways to combat identity theft are among the topics discussed by OU Credit Union during the program. By providing students with information on these topics prior to graduation, they are able to learn about and practice managing their personal finances responsibly so that they can head in to the next chapter of life with confidence.