“These scholarships will help six amazing young adults, who have demonstrated a desire for learning and growth, succeed. Each one of them has contributed to their communities in a unique way. ”— Amy Coe, Regional Assistant Vice President

Firecracker Foundation Art Display

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Published: Oct 9, 2019

Firecracker Foundation Art on Display at MSUFCU Headquarters

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MSU Federal Credit Union is pleased to partner with The Firecracker Foundation to display their Soulfire Gala artwork for public viewing. The Firecracker Foundation partners with artists to produce works of art that are based on the individual stories of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. This art is showcased every year for their annual Soulfire Gala; a multimedia art show based on the experiences of trauma survivors. The art currently in our lobby is from last year’s gala, and this year’s art will be unveiled on November 15th at the Lansing Public Media Center.


Outside of the gala, the foundation provides children and teens who have survived sexual trauma with holistic therapeutic services that include trauma-sensitive yoga, individual mental health therapy,and caretaker support groups for their parents/guardians. These services are provided at no cost for families without medical insurance or an inability to afford the expense of copays.


Be sure to stop by MSUFCU Headquarters (3777 West Road in East Lansing, Michigan) to view the Soulfire Gala artwork. The artwork will be available for viewing during MSUFCU’s normal business hours until October 25, 2019.  


MSUFCU is a proud supporter of The Firecracker Foundation.


For more information on The Firecracker Foundation or to purchase tickets to the Soulfire Gala, individuals can visit thefirecrackerfoundation.org, call 517-742-7224, or email [email protected]