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Free Fridays at Meadow Brook Hall

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Published: Aug 7, 2018

Free Fridays at Meadow Brook Hall

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Did you know OU Credit Union members can visit Meadow Brook Hall free of charge on Fridays?


Join us every month at the national historic landmark, Meadow Brook Hall, for Free Fridays! Partake in self-guided tours around the 1,500 acres estate constructed by Matilda Dodge Wilson from 1926 to 1929. Community members can visit the ground’s formal gardens, extravagant rooms, numerous residences, and antique artifacts to learn about the history of the Dodge family’s impact on Detroit’s automotive and farming industry, which ultimately led to the establishment of Oakland University.


Click here for information on how to reserve tickets and learn more about Meadow Brook Hall’s Free Friday themed behind-the-scenes tours such as the Glorious Gardens tour, the “Stranger Things” of Meadow Brook Hall tour, and the Behind-the-Scenes of the Holiday Walk tour!


The Credit Union is proud to support Oakland University and Meadow Brook Hall to educate community members on the extraordinary history of Oakland county.