“We are constantly striving to improve the experiences that we can offer to students through the ACHIEVE program, and also build relationships with our employers and sponsors. This year, the OU Credit Union sponsorship and the addition of part-time staff made it possible to create the event, which we proposed some years ago but have been unable to implement until now.”— Sherri Kerby, ACHIEVE Education Program Coordinator

OU Homecoming

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Published: Oct 19, 2017

OU Credit Union Cheers on Grizzlies at OU Homecoming

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Go Grizzlies!


OU Credit Union joined OU students, alumni, and community members to celebrate OU’s Homecoming weekend on October 13–14, 2017.


Events included: Midnight Madnezz, the start of the Men’s and Women’s Basketball season; a barbecue and tailgate for students and alumni; OU’s Football Club game against the Football Club of Eastern Michigan University; and a Men’s Soccer game.


OU Credit Union was happy to be there, cheering for the Grizzlies and supporting the University.