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Getting the Most out of Your Planner
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Posted December 6, 2018
Use it
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A planner can be super helpful, but in order for it to lead to success, it needs to be used to its fullest ability! Carrying your planner around with you everywhere makes it available at all times. Any time something comes up, like a date for an exam, event, meeting, or casual coffee date, write it down! Writing everything down will help you remember what your weeks will look like, everything you have to do and everywhere you have to be written in one place. If someone asks when you are free, you just pull out your planner and there is your answer.
Check it well in advance
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The best way to plan ahead is to have an idea of what your week is going to look like. Checking your planner Sunday night is a good time to get an idea of when to socialize and relax. If the end of the week seems busy, it might be a good idea to leave the beginning of the week open for homework, studying, or just relaxing.
Color code it
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One organizing technique that never fails is color coding! Sometimes opening your planner can be overwhelming because there's so much to look at. Assigning specific colors to every class, club meetings, and sports practice could make looking at your planner a lot easier. It also allows you to find things efficiently with a quick glance.
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To really get as much use from your planner as you can, write a lot of details. Write the exact time with the date and location to keep in mind time needed for travel. It could also be helpful to write down attire, in case it’s something specific that needs to be prepared ahead of time. Having all this information can help you plan accordingly to other commitments you may have that day.
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