3 Ways to Maximize Your Tax Refund

As tax season approaches, many individuals are either dreading the complicated process of filing or eagerly anticipating the arrival of their refund. Beyond the routine of tax season, receiving your refund each year can provide an opportunity to make strategic decisions that can positively impact your financial future. It can be tempting to spend your refund right away, but if you want to make the most of it, there are steps you should consider that allow your money to grow, earn dividends, and jumpstart your savings journey. 

Fraud Prevention Series: Keep Your Financial Accounts Secure with These Tools

It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise as scams designed to steal your sensitive information become more sophisticated. While shopping in-store and online, it’s important to protect yourself and your money. Take a look at these tools to help keep your financial accounts secure.

Beginners Guide to Budgeting

A budget is a tool to help you become financially successful, giving you a way to handle expenses while still enjoying life. With a few simple budgeting principles, you’ll quickly see a difference in your financial management. Here’s how to get started.

5 Shopping Safety Tips for the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, ‘tis the season for scams as cyber thieves look for ways to exploit consumers’ online holiday shopping habits. To help keep your finances safe this year, here are some tips to avoid online shopping scams and how to protect yourself. Being proactive is the best defense against fraud!

Three Ways to Outsmart Cybercriminals

Financial institutions work constantly to protect your credit and debit card information with security protections and upgrades. Unfortunately, cyberthieves work just as hard to find ways to steal your information. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your personal information private and keep the scammers and cybercriminals away.

3 Credit Card Perks You Should Know About

A credit card can be a helpful tool to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams – from budgeting for everyday expenses to earning cash back for everyday purchases. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time cardholder, consider this your guide to little-known credit card perks that can pay off in a big way.

18 Important Mortgage Terms to Make Homebuying Easier

If you’re in the market for your first home and have never experienced the process before, familiarizing yourself with all the terminology used in the homebuying process can help make you more comfortable making the big decision to buy.

Plan and Prepare: National Preparedness Month

September marks the return of fall weather and sports as well as National Preparedness Month. Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time. Here are our top tips to ensure that you and your family are prepared.

Common Budgeting Mistakes

A budget is a crucial financial tool to use in achieving and maintaining financial stability. It is used to track your spending habits and can help you save for things you need and want without having to suddenly run up your credit card because you ran low on funds. Here are some ways to build a budget and set yourself up for success.

The Best Apps for Managing your Finances

From budgeting to building an emergency fund, sometimes you need a little help from technology to meet your financial goals. Here are the best financial wellness apps for managing your finances so you can achieve your dreams.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Avoid Spear Phishing, the Most Successful Scam

You’ve heard of phishing, the internet scam of sending emails and messages pretending to be a reputable company in order to trick you into divulging your personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. But are familiar with the new practice of “spear phishing”? It’s quickly becoming the most successful form of fraud and acquisition of confidential information and now accounts for 91% of all scam attempts

Ways to Protect Your Account

Summer is a popular time to plan a relaxing staycation or seek out a fun destination. Whether you decide to stay home or hit the road, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your financial accounts. Here are some ways to protect your accounts for peace of mind while you’re having fun in the sun.

The Most Common Credit Score Myths

For something as key to your financial well-being as your credit score, it’s important to know which factors affect your score and how to improve it. There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation floating around about how to build up your credit score. Read on to learn more and debunk some myths surrounding your credit score.

Savings Accounts vs. Certificates

With all the savings options that are out there, from basic accounts to longer-term Certificates, it might seem daunting when you try to choose the best place to put your money.

It all depends on your goals. Are you saving for the short-term – say a few weeks or months – or are you looking longer term as you build your financial future? A closer look at traditional savings accounts and Certificates can help you decide which savings path is best for you.

Your Checklist for Financial Independence

Whether you’re planning to start college soon or in a couple years, it’s never too early to begin building strong money management habits. Taking control of your finances now will help you create a bright financial future long after graduation. Use this checklist as your roadmap toward financial independence.

Fraud Prevention Series: Protect Yourself Online, A Guide to Password Best Practices

Your password is the first line of defense to protecting your personal data and financial information safe from online scams and hackers. Choosing hard-to-hack passwords and ensuring you are keeping them secure can sometimes seem feel like a chore. But it's always to continually evaluate your online safety and take steps to enhance your security with regular password updates. 

Hacks for Saving Money While Grocery Shopping

With today’s inflation and rising costs, everyone can benefit by saving a few dollars at the grocery store. Read on to learn some tips on how to save during your next shopping trip. 

Retirement 101: Which Retirement Account is Best For You?

No matter what stage of life you’re at, investing in a retirement fund is important. The earlier you can start saving and investing, the better. Here are some tips to help you pick the best retirement account for you and get your savings on track for your future.

How to Avoid Smishing Scams

We’ve all gotten them – texts from unknown numbers and suspicious sources. In today’s digital world, attempts to defraud us with text message scams, known as “smishing”, appear to be on the rise. In this Fraud Prevention Series blog, learn all about smishing, how to indentify these fradulents texts, and how to protect yourself from them.

Get Your Finances in Shape

Summer is in full swing and as you prepare for vacations, go out to eat more, or start on home improvement projects, you may be spending more than usual. Taking the time to look over your accounts and reviewing your budget now can help prevent stress in the future. Here are three ways to help improve your finances.

Creative Ways to Save Money This Summer

Whether you’re looking to save for a summer vacation or pay down debt, cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the way you live. There are many creative ways to save money. Use these tips the next time you’re looking to save money to help you meet your financial goals.

3 Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt

Your credit card is one of the most important, but potentially perilous, financial resources you have at your disposal. Using a credit card correctly can allow you to make significant purchases, earn rewards, and build your credit score to assist with securing loans. However, if you’re not using your card wisely, you can also build up overwhelming credit card debt very quickly.

Tips to Manage Finances after College

Whether starting your first full-time job, applying to grad school, or moving across the country, life after graduation can sometimes feel overwhelming. Knowing how to budget, pay off debt, or begin saving for retirement can help make these transitions easier. Here are three tips for managing your finances and setting yourself up for success after graduation.

Fraud Prevention Series: Student Loan Services & Fraud

Whether you’re applying for financial aid to help pay for your degree or working to pay down student loan debt, there are a number of tactics that scammers will use to try and steal your personal and financial information. Here’s how to look out for potential scams and keep your identity and finances safe while navigating student loan services.

What to Expect as a First Time Homebuyer

If you are looking to purchase your first home, being prepared is key. Buying your first home is an exciting time as you make the important decisions that come along with any large purchase. Familiarizing yourself with each step in the homebuying process can help make these big decisions easy.

Five Tips for a Good Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! The weather’s starting to warm up, and with that comes the urge to clean and start fresh. 

Cleaning doesn’t have to relate only to decluttering and deep cleaning your house – you can also clean up your finances. Here are five tips to spring clean your finances to stay on track to hit your financial goals as summer approaches.

Preparing for Tax Time

The deadline for filing your taxes is right around the corner, so make sure you are ready by April 18, 2023. Don’t stress if you’ve been putting off doing your taxes or don’t even know where to start. Whether you’re filing taxes for the first time or have years of experience, keep these points in mind as you prepare.

Pay Down Debt Faster with Changed from The Lab at MSUFCU

Debt repayment can feel overwhelming, no matter what stage you’re at in life. According to Bankrate.com, Forty-two percent of U.S. adults report that money concerns and dealing with debt negatively impacts their mental health. Changed, a debt repayment app, can help ease some of that financial anxiety.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Know it's a Scam

As technology advances, so does the sophistication of the scams that everyday individuals are encountering. Today, there are many scams, from fake websites, text messages from a fake phone number, to the classic letter in the mail letting you know the car warranty you never had is expiring. Here are some tools and tips on spotting and avoiding scams.

Ways To Save More When You Travel

Have you ever taken a trip and spent more than you planned? Traveling can be expensive but it doesn’t have to break you. Here are some helpful tips to make your travels relaxing and cost-effective.

3 Creative Money Saving Habits

Finding new ways to save a little extra each month can be challenging. Thankfully, there are many creative ways to cut costs around the house that will help you grow you savings but won’t force you to dramatically change your lifestyle.

Things to Consider When You Buy an RV or Boat

As it starts to warm up and you begin planning your summer, you may be in the market for an RV or boat to add to your adventures. Whether you're taking a long road trip or headed to the nearby lake, you should consider a few things when making a large purchase like this.

Financial Conversations to Have with Your Partner

When you are planning a future with your partner, many different factors come into play in the equation. But, ask yourselves this, are you having a dialogue about financial matters too?

Apps to Help You Save – Presented by The Lab at MSUFCU

In today’s digital age, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find tools to help you reach your financial goals, from building an emergency fund to saving for your next vehicle. The Lab at MSUFCU allows you to explore trustworthy financial wellness apps and find what works best for you. Here are two apps to help you save.

New Years Financial Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

January always presents an opportunity to make new resolutions to make improvements in our lives. When it comes to your finances, the New Year also is a good time to set goals and strategies. Choosing the right resolutions for you can make all the difference when it comes to improving your financial health. Here are three financial New Year’s resolutions to help you start 2023 off right.

Buy What You Love - Cost Per Use Tool

As we continue to refresh our financial goals for the New Year, popular budget tools like “Cost Per Use” can help you decide if your purchases are worth it. Read more to learn about this tool and how it can impact your wallet.

Fraud Prevention Series: Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

A new year means new and improved ways for fraudsters and cybercriminals to try to steal your financial and other personal information. Online fraud is still big, so here are some ways you can try to beat these scammers and protect your vital personal information.

Budget-Friendly Winter Activities to Entertain Kids at Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep kids entertained at home during winter break. If you find yourself in need of some fresh ideas, here are five budget-friendly winter activities to get you started.

How to Prepare for Your Holiday Road Trip

Whether you are taking a vacation or visiting relatives, a road trip might be in your holiday plans. Here’s how to prepare for a holiday road trip and cut down on travel expenses.

5 Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Expenses

From making Thanksgiving dinner to buying your loved ones gifts, the holidays are generally known for being an expensive time of year. Thankfully, there are many ways to save on holiday expenses this year, starting with these 5 tips.

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to cost you. We have 5 tips and tricks to help you keep Halloween festivities under budget.

How Podcasts Can Help Improve Financial Literacy

From seminars to social media, financial education comes in many forms. If you are looking for a new way to improve your financial literacy, listening to podcasts may be a good resource to turn to.

Financial Tips When Starting a New Job

Are you starting a new job? An important change like this can stir up many emotions — both excitement and nervousness included. OU Credit Union is here to help make your transition as smooth as possible with tips for maintaining your finances through beginning a new job.

Financial Education Tools for Different Age Groups

It is never too early – or too late – to learn about money. There are many forms of financial education available to benefit you in whatever stage of life you’re in. Here are a few different financial education tools you might find helpful depending on your age group.

A Guide to Becoming Financially Fit and Well

August is National Wellness Month and one of the most beneficial ways to contribute to your well-being is by reducing stress. A great way to minimize this feeling is by getting in control of your finances. Follow along as we discuss stress-free tools to help you manage your finances.

To 8 Back to School Saving Tips

The new school year is right around the corner and it’s time to start your back-to-school shopping. Follow these 8 budget-friendly tips to help you save on all the essential school supplies this season.

How to Make the Most of the End of Summer

Despite this season coming to a close, there are still many ways to make your summer well-spent. Here are some ideas on how to end summer on a positive note and get motivated for the year ahead.

The Best Ways to Save Around the House This Summer

Cutting costs around the house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the way you live. There are many simple ways to save money this season in your very own home.

3 Steps to Take Before Buying a Home

If you’re in the market to buy a home, there are several factors to consider before putting in an offer. These three steps can help you prepare to better navigate the home buying process and experience. 

Fun and Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

As summer starts to slow down, you might need some fresh ideas on how to occupy kids at home. Here are some fun and cheap activities to bust summer boredom.

Budget-Friendly Summer Date Night Ideas

Just because you want to save money this summer, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice date night. There are plenty of ways to spend time with your loved one without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas.

10 Financial Tips for Starting a Family

So you’re thinking about starting a family – check out these 10 financial tips as this exciting new chapter of life begins. 

Planning A Wedding? Follow These Budget-Friendly Tips

Wedding planning is meant to be an enjoyable experience for both you and your partner, yet it is easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly “endless” to-do list. A perfect way to start feeling excited for your special day is by feeling in control of your finances — get started with these budget-friendly tips.

Ways to Handle the Cost of Inflation

With costs rising due to inflation, it can be hard to know where to start when dealing increased prices. We have some tips to help you handle the cost of inflation.

What to Consider When Shopping for RVs, Boats, and Motorcycles

As the weather turns warmer, many of us start planning fun summer activities and weekend getaways – on the water or on the road. If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV, boat, or motorcycle, there’s several things to consider to ensure you get the best deal.

Fraud Prevention Series: Tools to Enhance Your Financial Security

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us have become accustomed to highly personalized, engaging experiences, such as one-click shopping, voice-activated searches, and home assistants. With this, we have come to expect advanced technology to ensure our finances and sensitive information stays safe and protected. Take a look these tools to stay in control of your financial security.

Money Lessons from the Pandemic

The pandemic caught many off guard. As the world shut down, uncertainty has been a key theme since. MSUFCU will share what you can learn from this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Four Tips to Consider When Buying A House

If you are in the market for a house, being prepared is key. There are several things to do before you even begin your search. Here are four steps to consider when buying a house.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Identify Scams

Scammers and internet fraudsters continue to grow more and more clever in their attempts to trick you into giving them money or personal financial information. Plus, they now have an expanding number of ways to contact you. No longer focusing on just email, they can try to scam you through text messages, phone calls, pop-up windows, and even social media interactions. But rest assured, there are a number of ways to spot an attempted con and avoid falling into its trap. Be on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs of a scam.

Never Had a Budget? Here's How to Create One

If establishing a budget seems overwhelming, once you begin with a few simple budgeting principles, you’ll quickly see a difference in your financial management. Here’s how to get started.

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees

If you’ve ever made a purchase resulting in a negative balance on your account, you may have been charged an overdraft fee by your financial institution. This can be a costly process that is avoidable if you follow these strategies.

Take The Frugal February Challenge To Save

Need a jump start to get your finances on track in the New Year? Consider starting a Frugal February challenge. Here’s how.

How Online Bill Paying Can Save You Money

Online bill paying allows you to view, schedule, and pay your bills right from your computer or phone. Learn more about what online bill pay is, how it works, and its pros and cons.

Financial Resolutions You Can Make and Keep In 2022

Choosing the right resolutions for you can make all the difference when it comes to improving your financial health. Here are three financial New Year’s resolutions to help you start 2022 off right.

How to Save During the Holidays

This time of year it can be challenging to stick to a budget with the extra spending for the holidays. Here are five strategies to help you stay on track with your 2021 holiday budget.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Avoid Online Shopping Fraud

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, an increase in online shopping fraud reports usually follows. In 2020, these reports more than doubled. Here are three ways to protect yourself while shopping online.

Starting A New Job? Consider These Financial Factors.

Accepting a new job offer includes adjusting to a different company, environment, coworkers, culture, and more. This may also include an impact on your finances. If you’re about to start or have recently started a new job, here are some smart money moves to make.

Teaching Kids How to Handle Money At A Young Age Can Really Pay Off

Helping children to build a strong financial foundation is an important lesson that contributes to lifelong well-being. It’s a lesson parents and caregivers play a key role in teaching. Here are several ways to share lessons about money with children.

How to Answer This Question: Should I Save or Pay Off Debt?

If you believe paying off debt is your only financial priority, consider this: saving is also an important way to keep your finances stable. Here are some ways to make progress on your debt, and put some savings aside at the same time.

How Saving for the Holidays Now Will Pay Off Later

It may be early to start thinking about the holidays, but waiting until November or December to begin saving for these expenses may result in paying for them — plus interest — into 2022. Here’s how to get started saving now to avoid overspending in a few months.

Fraud Prevention Series: Avoiding Peer-to-Peer Payment Fraud

As contactless transactions continue to grow in popularity, more peer-to-peer payment apps are being marketed. Cyber thieves have also taken note. You can mitigate the possibility of fraud when using peer-to-peer payments by taking simple precautions.

Bogged Down By College Loans? Here’s How to Pay Them Off Faster

If you borrowed money to attend college, you are not alone. According to The Federal Reserve’s report, Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2020, nearly one-third of all American students have student loan debt. Here are some strategies to pay off your student loan debt faster.

Three Ways to Rebuild Your Finances After COVID

While the pandemic continues, many people are back to work. But they may still be recovering financially, having used up savings to pay bills or stopped making payments on credit cards and other debt. Here are three ways to rebuild your finances after COVID.

Five Habits of Highly Successful Savers

When planning for your future you should also plan how you will finance it. Understanding how budgeting, saving, and managing debt can help you reach your goals is important. But the key may be adapting habits so you can save as much as possible. Here are five habits of successful savers.

Fraud Prevention Series: 5 Steps to Take to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be a problem in the U.S. With identity scammers targeting relief checks and unemployment benefits in the last year, the Federal Trade Commission recorded a nearly 3,000% increase in identity theft reports over 2019. In this blog, we define identity theft and provide steps to protect yourself.

When You Support Local Businesses, You Support the Local Economy. Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

You’ve heard the statement: Buy local, eat local. But what is the impact of shopping at local, small businesses? Here is why supporting community businesses is important and worth encouraging others to do so, too.

Be Prepared For Emergencies: National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month, which is the perfect time to make a plan for emergencies. Here are some ways you can increase your preparedness for the unexpected.

The Lab at MSUFCU Helps Members Achieve Financial Success

To replicate the interaction a member might have with an MSUFCU employee through a digital channel, The Lab at MSUFCU was established to identify technologies and partner with fintechs to produce viable apps. Learn more about The Lab and the innovative solutions that have been introduced to help employees and members achieve financial success.

With Construction Costs at an All-time High, Should You Build a Home Now?

Building a house might seem like the best option if you have found a lack of affordable homes for sale. However, with the skyrocketing prices of building materials, is this a good time to build a home? Here are some factors to consider before deciding to build.

If Finances are Tight, Here’s What to Pay First

If you are having financial difficulties, it may become challenging to pay all of your monthly bills. While everyone’s financial situation is different, here are general guidelines for how to prioritize payments.

Fraud Prevention Series: Recent Graduate? What’s Changed with Your Financial Account

When entering college, many students open a free student checking account with a local financial institution, but often lose those benefits upon graduation. This can lead to fees and overdrafts. If your current financial institution charges account fees now that you’re out of college, it’s time to start shopping for a new checking account. Here is what to look for.

Selling Your Home? Making Small Improvements Can Add to Resale Value

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, it may be a good idea to make a few small improvements before listing it. Some improvements add resale value, while others are not worth the cost or effort. Here are some home improvements that would be worth your time and some that wouldn’t.

Watching a Financial TikTok Video? Why Doing Your Own Research Matters

You can learn a lot from TikTok, such as popular dance moves, the latest cocktail creations, and how to make hot cocoa bombs. You may also see unsubstantiated financial information and advice from unreliable sources. Just because Financial TikTok (also known as “FinTok”) videos happen to go viral, doesn’t mean that they are the best (or the only) source of financial information you should rely on to make financial decisions. Here are some guidelines to viewing FinTok videos.

5 Financial Steps to Take After College Graduation

If you have recently graduated from college or know someone who has, now is a great time to start building a solid financial foundation. Here are five ways to get started.

Video Tellers Provide Face-to-Face Account Access from Comfort of Your Vehicle

As you look for more efficiency and flexibility from your financial institution, consider using a video teller to receive personalized-service on the go. Here are ways video tellers are making account management quick and easy.

Financial Account Alerts You Should Activate Today

Monitoring your financial accounts can help you in many ways, including keeping track of your spending, and alerting you to possible fraud. Here are some eAlerts you should activate to help automatically track your accounts.

Thinking of Adopting a Pet? Consider the Costs First

National Pet Day is April 11! As many as 68% of U.S. households own a pet, and you may be looking to become one of them. Before adopting a pet, evaluate your financial situation to ensure you can afford to take care of your pet’s needs.

3 Tips to Help Your Child Become a Financially Successful Adult

One of the best ways to build a secure financial future for your children is by helping them develop saving skills at an early age. Here’s how to set an example for the next generation by teaching children the importance of saving.

Fraud Prevention Series: Avoid Identity Theft This Tax Season

The time before Tax Day, May 17 in 2021 after an IRS extension, can be busy, especially for identity thieves whose goals are to lift your personal information from financial documents, scam you into answering emails or phone calls from fake IRS agents, and much more. Here are some ways to protect yourself from possible identity theft this tax season.

3 Steps You Can Take Today to Get Out of Debt

One of the most satisfying financial decisions you can do for yourself is to create a plan to get out of debt. The problem might be where to start. While it can seem overwhelming, you can take steps to make being debt free a reality.

Become a Home Owner Faster With a Mortgage Preapproval. Here’s How.

With mortgage rates at an historic low, you may be thinking about buying a home. One way to put yourself in a good buying position is to obtain a mortgage preapproval. Here is why it makes a difference to sellers and how to qualify for one before you start your house hunt.

Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score has many benefits, including helping you receive competitive interest rates for cars loans, credit card offers, insurance premiums, mortgages, and more. Maintaining a high credit score is worth the effort because it can save you money. Here are a few tips to improve your score.

Fraud Prevention Series: COVID-19 Scams Continue to Happen. Here's How to Protect Yourself

As the pandemic continues to change everyday life, scammers remain hard at work trying to access personal information and gain access to financial accounts. Here are some ways to protect yourself from ongoing COVID-19 fraud.

Savings Is Important Now More Than Ever. Find Out Why.

In 2020, many consumers found it necessary to use savings to help cover expenses, and it became clear why having a financial cushion is important. Clever Real Estate COVID-19 Financial Impact Survey conducted in September 2020 found that 28% of Americans used savings or an emergency fund to cover living expenses.   Now that we’ve been navigating through a pandemic for nearly a year, it’s time to get serious about saving — even if you think you’re in a solid financial position.

Best Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Check

Although many U.S. consumers have received the second round of stimulus checks, they may not have specific plans for the funds. Because everyone’s financial situation is different, here are some ideas to consider when deciding how to spend your stimulus check.

Fraud Prevention Series: 5 Ways to Prevent Fraud in 2021

Preventing fraud is an ongoing process. While you are making other changes as the New Year begins, consider taking some simple steps to protect yourself. Keep in mind, you are the best defense against fraud.    Here are five ways you can reduce your risk of fraud this year.

How to Save More Than $1,300 by the End of 2021

What would you do with an extra $1,378 in your account by this time next year?   Saving money can be challenging and trying to save even $500 may sound difficult. But there is a strategy you can use to make a $1,378 savings easier this year.    It’s called the 52-Week Money Challenge. Read on to learn how it works.

How to Both Pay Off Debt And Save More

Consumers intended to spend just over $1,000 for the holidays in 2019, according to a survey from The National Retail Federation. For those who don’t budget for holiday spending each year, this could mean accumulating debt, and it also could lead to difficulty in trying to pay it off come January. Read on to learn some strategies to pay off holiday debt and save more.

How to Set and Stick to a Budget

We are continuing our financial New Year’s resolutions discussion with how to set up and stick to a budget. Read on to learn some tips to create and stick to a budget.

Three Fraud Trends to Watch for this Holiday Season

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, holiday shopping will look different this year. However, fraudsters are poised to take advantage of consumers who may be more distracted dealing with unprecedented change.

On-The-Go Tips to Keep Your Accounts Safe

When you are out and about, you should not need to worry about security for your financial accounts. Here some ways to keep your accounts safe when you are on the go.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Avoid Black Friday Scams

Just like many events in 2020, a lot of Black Friday purchases will happen online. And fraudsters will be ready. Here are some of the ways scammers may try and take advantage of consumers shopping online Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Never Been Able to Save Before? Here's How to Get Started

It’s possible for anyone to begin saving money no matter where you are on your financial journey. Sometimes all it takes is that first step to get things started. Here are some suggestions on how to kick off your savings strategy.

The Secret (and Easy) Way to Build Your Savings

Want to know the secret to increasing your savings? It’s easy: pay yourself first.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Avoid Cyber Fraud

Some of the most common ways fraudsters try to access your personal information is by sending harmful links in an email or stealing data from places where you have accounts. Personal information, such as Social Security numbers, financial accounts and credit card numbers, can be used to set up counterfeit accounts or gain access to existing accounts. Here are some tips to avoid this type of deception known as cyber fraud.

How to Clean Up Your Finances

This is a great time of year to clean up your finances and get organized. You will be in a better place to take action on your budget and other financial goals once your finances are in order. Here are some tips to get you started.

Fraud Prevention Series: What is Ethical Hacking?

We hear about hacking (unauthorized access to data in a system or computer) on the news often. But did you know that there are professionals with the same skills working to help companies reduce the chances of being hacked? These professionals are known as ethical hackers. But what is ethical hacking?

September is Disaster Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month (NPM) is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning. As we all continue to respond to COVID-19, there is no better time to become more organized than this September. Learn more about how to be prepared for a disaster.

Protecting and Building Your Credit in 2020

As the economy gradually continues to reopen, consumers’ credit will play an important role in the recovery. Here are some strategies to protect and build your credit in 2020.

Fraud Prevention Series: Sharing Your Information Can Make You More Vulnerable to Fraud

If you are a frequent social media user and tend to share personal information online, you may be at greater risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Take a look at these three online habits that may lead to higher fraud possibilities, and ways to prevent identity fraud.

Video Chat Increases Account Access for Members

During these times of social distancing, digital technology has made it possible for consumers to continue interacting with each other as well as the organizations they do business with. For example, video chat has allowed financial institutions to help maintain and improve a personal connection with their members. Learn more about how video chat is changing the way consumers are accessing their financial accounts.

Is It Time to Update Your Budget?

Having a budget is a great way to monitor what you spend your money on and keep you on track with your financial goals. But every once in a while, it needs a little TLC. Here are five steps to refreshing your money management system.

Support Local Businesses: It's More Important Now More Than Ever. Here's Why

One critical part of the economy that has especially felt the effects of COVID-19 is small businesses. They remain vital to thriving communities as they create opportunities for new talent and growth regionally, energize the economic base, and foster an entrepreneurial spirit in community members.

Tap to Pay Technology Offers Contactless Pay Options

Contactless payments exploded in popularity in spring 2020 when the coronavirus upended how many people think about their daily interactions, including how they pay. But social distancing aside, do these advances actually make life any easier and safer?

3 Financial Red Flags You Should Address

Sometimes life sends you signals your finances aren’t quite where they should be, such as an overdraft fee on an account or a denied credit card application. Here are several common financial red flags you should address — plus easy ways to eliminate them.

Tips for Reducing Debt

If the amount of your debt is overwhelming, there are tools and motivational ideas you can use to reduce it and even eliminate it. Here are some steps to take to start you on the path to being debt free.

Fraud Prevention Series: Tools to Help Keep Your Accounts Safe

According to the FBI, $2.7 billion in online theft and fraud was reported to the agency in 2019. While funds are protected up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, what else can credit unions provide to keep your accounts safe? And what can you do?

5 Low-Cost Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bills This Summer

Keeping your home cool this summer doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some steps you can take — for minimal effort and cost — to reduce your energy bills while also helping to save the planet.

How to Maintain Your Financial Health During COVID-19

Staying healthy is our number one priority, but it’s important to be extra mindful of your financial health — even if your income hasn’t been impacted by COVID-19. Here are some ways to keep your finances in good shape during these unprecedented times.

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Keep Your Passwords Secure

The security of everything that requires a password, including your financial accounts, streaming accounts, email inbox, and even your garage code, depends on how strong and safe your logins are today. Strong passwords are key to your security, but the challenge is to create passwords you can actually remember, without resorting to unsafe habits — like reusing the same login for multiple accounts. Here’s some advice on how to create strong passwords and keep them safe.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks from the U.S. government have started to be deposited to provide economic relief during the coronavirus pandemic. Eligible taxpayers can expect to automatically receive their one-time payment of up to $1,200, depending on adjusted gross income. 

We’re In This Together: Helping Our Members Through COVID-19

Communities worldwide are struggling with the temporary closing of businesses, schools and public facilities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many people continue to cope with these drastic developments, the Credit Union is here to help its members during this time of uncertainty.

Three Reasons Why Internships Are So Important

You’ve probably heard the saying or asked yourself while sitting in a lecture hall, “When am I going to use this in the real world?” While there are many important skills taught in school, not all of them will be carried over into your career after you graduate.

So, what’s the best way to prepare for the real world?

Fraud Prevention Series: How to Protect Yourself From Phishing

Phishing, a form of identity theft, is when scammers use fraudulent websites and fake emails to attempt to steal victims’ personal data, especially passwords and credit card information. Although this is not a new type of theft, many consumers are unaware of phishing and how to protect their personal information. Here is more information about phishing and how to keep your data safe.

How to Prepare for an Interview: Four Ways to Set Yourself Apart

You applied for a job and just received word that the company would like you to come in for an interview. Congratulations! Landing an interview is a critical step in getting the position you’re after. Before you call mom and start celebrating, realize that you still have to seal the deal with a strong interview. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare for the interview and put your best foot forward.

Taking an Entrepreneurial Leap? Here's What to Look for in a Business Loan

Have a new idea you would like to put into action? You may need some help to get your idea off the ground. Once you create a functional plan, applying for a business loan could be your next step.

How to File Your Taxes Safely

Tax season is upon us again. Whether it’s your first time filing or you’re trying to get a head start this year, we have some tips to help you file your taxes safely.

Your Financial Recipe to Budgeting

Successful budgeting is like mixing together the perfect ingredients in a recipe. Follow this five-step financial recipe to figure out the best plan that works for your financial goals.

Tips to Secure Your House While Traveling in the Winter Months

With Spring Break right around the corner, it's time to start planning how to keep your house safe while you're traveling. Here are four tips to consider while going out town during the winter months.

5 Ways to Start the New Year on the Right Financial Track

January is a great time to start something new. When it comes to your finances, the New Year also is a good time to set goals and strategies. Here are five ways to help you start 2020 on the right financial track:

Strategy for Buying a House in the Spring: Start Prepping Now

Spring tends to be the optimal time for people to not only sell, but buy houses. This is due to improving weather, inspecting homes after winter, and transitioning kids to new schools. Before spring comes though, it is critical that you begin getting ready before you start your new home search. Here is how you can prepare now to buy a home in the spring.

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