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Whether you're out running errands, traveling to visit family, or in the comfort of your own home, we understand it's important to have complete access to your funds.

Enjoy the personal, simple, and secure way to do your online shopping with Visa Checkout. With this service you have the ability to check out on any website where Visa Checkout is accepted without having to re-enter payment and billing information. Simply click on the Visa Checkout icon, enter your email address and password, choose the card and billing address you would like to use, and you're done.

Visa Checkout also provides the security and protections that are offered by Visa. Storing your personal information with Visa Checkout means that you will not have to supply that information to multiple websites, therefore less people will have access to your personal information keeping it private and safe.


Common questions and answers:

Is Visa Checkout a free service?
Yes, Visa Checkout is a free service for OU Credit Union members.


Can I register credit and debit cards from carriers other than Visa?
Yes, you can input information for any debit or credit card that you carry. 


How will I know what vendors accept Visa Checkout?
You are able to check the list of accepting vendors online. You can also look for the Visa Checkout logo on your favorite websites.


Is there a maximum number of cards I can register?
There is no limit on how many cards you can store with Visa Checkout.


What happens when a card expires? Does it automatically update, or is a notification sent out?
No, cards will need to be manually updated if they expire or if there is a change due to a card being lost or stolen.


Why is the card style in Visa Checkout different from my physical card?
OU Credit Union selected the most commonly used card styles to upload into Visa Checkout. Even though the card style on your card displayed in Visa Checkout might not match the card style on your physical card, they are still the same card. 

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Contact us, we are always here to help!