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Financial 4.0

Content managed by OU Credit Union Financial Educators.

Financial Education Spotlight
OU Credit Union's Seminar Series recently wrapped up another great season providing free financial education to our community. Each year, the Credit Union hosts the Seminar Series as a way of connecting our adult members and the public with educational webinars and seminars aimed at increasing financial literacy and awareness.

During these events, financial educators from the Credit Union and community partners educate attendees on a variety of financial topics related to fintechs, homeownership, estate planning, retirement readiness, Social Security, entrepreneurialism, and more. The Credit Union's goal is to provide attendees with resources they need to achieve and maintain financial stability while exposing them to partnering businesses in the community.

We invite you to rewatch or share any of our recent Seminar Series presentations by visiting our YouTube page, then selecting OU Credit Union Seminar Series from the playlist options. Our next season of OU Credit Union's Seminar Series will kick off in September, and we hope to see you there!

Financial Education Resources

OU Credit Union is dedicated to ensuring members have access to the financial education resources needed to reach their goals.

Do you have questions about our existing programs and how to attend? Submit below for more information.

Financial Education Requests