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Totally Gold Checking
Totally Gold Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
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For Students, by OU Credit Union

Free Checking Account

Our Totally Gold Checking account requires no minimum balance or monthly fees.

Build Your Credit Score

From credit cards to loans - and everything in between - learn how to build your credit score with OU Credit Union.

Financial Education For You

OU Credit Union is here to help with any questions you may have about finances. Learn more about the great resources we have for students.

Welcome Grizzlies!
As a student, you have a lot to manage -- classes, work, studying, campus clubs, and more. Simplify your life and get an all-access pass to Oakland University with the Grizz Gold Card.

This card is two in one: a debit card and student ID. It's connected to your Oakland University Credit Union and student account, and can be used to make purchases on and off campus.

Linking to both accounts, you can use your Grizz Gold Card as a debit card wherever your shop, and also pay with GrizzCa$h while on campus.
New Student Offer
An account with OU Credit Union is free, easy-to-use, and perfect for student life. Open your Totally Gold Checking account, and you can receive $100! Use your Grizz Gold Card to charge your Totally Gold Checking account 10 times within the first 30 days of activation, and you'll receive $100.

Plus, you can check out our Local Loyalty Partners and receive discounts while using your debit card around Oakland University's campus and beyond. Open your account and get started today!"

Additional Resources

OU Credit Union is committed to helping you stay informed and connected. We offer accounts for student organizations (RSOs) associated with OU Credit Union. Check out our additional resources to find the answers and opportunities you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions
My student has an account at my financial institution at home. Why should they open an OU Credit Union account?
OU Credit Union is convenient. We make it easy for your student to access their account at school and away. Our commitment to helping students succeed during college and beyond includes financial education sessions in their campus neighborhoods and knowledgeable staff that are here to help. Students also receive OU Credit Union's lowest loan and credit card rates, even if they don't have credit established.
I am a student and currently have an account with OU Credit Union. Do I have to close my account when I graduate?
No. Once you are a member, you are always a member.
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Offer of $100 valid 5/1/2021 to 10/31/2021 for new members who qualify under the OU student SEG. OU Credit Union Visa Debit Card must be activated by 10/31/2021 and 10 debit card purchases must post within 30 days of card activation to qualify. The $100 will be deposited into member's checking account within 4 to 6 weeks of the 10th purchase. Not valid for existing members. May not be combined with any other deposit offers. If new member is referred to the Credit Union, member referral offer will not apply.