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Totally Gold Checking
Totally Gold Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
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For Parents, by OU Credit Union

Send Funds Fast

Does your Grizzly need a little extra money for lunch, books, or bus tickets? Sending funds to your student is only a few clicks away.

We're Here To Help

OU Credit Union is here to make sure Grizzlies are successful by providing free financial education seminars and one-on-one conversations with dedicated employees who enjoy working with students.

Student and Parent Approved

Our accounts are designed to help everyone achieve financial success now and in the future.

Welcome Proud Grizzly Parents and Guardians!
You must be so proud, and maybe a little anxious about your Grizzly heading off to college. Rest assured, we are here to help your Grizzly learn how to successfully manage their finances throughout college, and beyond.

OU Credit Union
Is Here For You, Too
Family members of OU students are eligible to open OU Credit Union accounts.

Oakland University Credit Union is the official financial services partner of Oakland University. From our 55+-year history as a partner of Oakland University, one thing has never changed: our focus on our members. Our mission is to provide superior service while assisting members to achieve financial security, their goals, and ultimately, their dreams. OU Credit Union is a full-service financial institution offering a wide array of products and services designed to fit every stage of life, from youth accounts to retirement planning and everything in between.

How can we help you reach your dreams?

Additional Resources

OU Credit Union is committed to helping you stay informed and connected. Check out our additional resources to find the answers and opportunities you are looking for.