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Member2Member transfers
Introducing Member2Member℠

Member2Member℠ is a secure, simple and free way to instantly send money to OU Credit Union members through the OU Credit Union Mobile app or ComputerLine.

If You've Been Sent Money
  • Sign in to the OU Credit Union Mobile app or ComputerLine, select MoveMoney,℠ and navigate to Member2Member.℠
  • Sign up using the same email address or phone number where you received the notification.
  • Once you're enrolled, you are ready to accept the transfer by clicking "Received" within the Member2Member℠ screen.
If You're Sending Money
  • Enter the members' mobile phone number or email address to add them to your contact list.
  • Follow the steps within Member2Member℠ to complete your transfer.
  • Funds will be transferred instantly to your recipient.
  • Free transfers between OU Credit Union members.
  • Daily transfer limit of $1,500 (maximum transfer limit of $25,000 in a 30-day period).
  • Funds expire after seven (7) days if they are not accepted.
  • Funds will be immediately returned to the sender if the recipient declines the transfer.
  • Funds transferred from savings are subject to Regulation D and transfers will be limited to six (6) per month.
Already an OU Credit Union member?
To get started, sign in to the OU Credit Union Mobile app or ComputerLine, select MoveMoney,℠ and navigate to Member2Member.℠
Not an OU Credit Union member?
See the hundreds of ways you can qualify to join OU Credit Union today.
Let's get started! Apply online, call 248-364-4708 or 800-766-6828, or visit one of our branches to become a member.
Move Money phone demonstration
Frequently Asked Questions
Can funds be sent to an email address or phone number not listed on an account?+
Yes, the recipient will be able to enroll in M2M℠ with any phone number/email address of their own, even if it is not on file, in order to receive a deposit.
If a transfer expires or the recipient declines the transfer, when will the funds be credited back to my account?+
Funds will be deposited back to the senders account immediately.
Can I send funds to an international cell phone number?+
No, M2M℠ only accepts US cell phone numbers. As an alternative solution, members could send to an email address and have the recipient enroll using their email address if they have not done so.