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MSUFCU | Rates | Visa Credit Card

Visa Loan Rates
Last Updated Wednesday, November 01, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

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Visa Credit Card



as low as 8.900% 2

Platinum Plus

as low as 12.900% 3

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1 Stated loan rates are available to members with qualifying credit scores. Actual rates may be higher and will be determined by a member's individual credit score and collateral if applicable. All loans subject to credit approval.

2 See Visa Platinum Credit Card disclosure

3 See Visa Platinum Plus Credit Card disclosure

4 These informative and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use. We do not guarantee their accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. These tools are not intended to provide investment, legal, tax or accounting advice. All examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purpose only. All calculations are based on user inputs and do not reflect any guarantee of expected savings or tax advantages. All user input is private and secure. We don't collect any of the personal information that you provide or save any of the outputs. All loans are subject to approval and credit terms may vary. You may wish to consult a reliable financial advisor.

Credit-Life and Disability Insurance are available to borrowers when a loan is made, or when they are granted an advance on a line-of-credit or VISA account. Premiums are added to the loan balance each month and can be calculated in monthly payments.