“It was great to get on campus and meet the next generation of OU students. Our goal is to build relationships that will last not only throughout the next four years, but also after graduation.”— Julia, Credit Union employee
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Our Story

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The Credit Union began its partnership with Oakland University in the late 1950s after Alfred and Matilda Wilson donated $2 million and their 1,500-acre estate to Michigan State University to start a new college in Oakland County. We were the financial institution that provided financial services to the university employees at that time and continued to serve the OU community after Oakland University became its own entity. In 2014, the Credit Union strengthened its partnership with OU by serving as the official credit union for the university under the trade-name of Oakland University Credit Union (OU Credit Union). To enhance the OU community’s experience with the Credit Union, we opened a branch in the Oakland Center, which serves OU students, faculty, staff, and community members.