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School Programs in Oakland County

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Published: Aug 8, 2018

Credit Union Financial Educators Create Engaging Curriculums for Oakland County Students

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The Credit Union is proud to give back to the communities in which it serves. One of the ways that we do this is through financial education in schools. Our Financial Educators work to craft a curriculum that is both engaging and educational for our bright leaders of the future. We want to equip our students with the knowledge of fiscal responsibility early on so that good habits are formed. We have partnered with Oakland County area schools on several programs which include: Student-Run Credit Unions, In-School Credit Unions, and engaging presentations tailored to each grade.


For the upcoming school year, we will be working with Harvey-Swanson Elementary, Oakwood Elementary, and R. Grant Graham Elementary for our Student-Run Credit Unions. Each of our elementary schools operates a Student-Run Branch, which includes duties of a manager, assistant manager, teller, accountant, marketing, clean up, classroom representatives, and prize patrol. The students are “hired” into their perspective roles, which gives them a look into the workforce.


For our In-School Credit Unions, we go out to the schools bi-weekly. This gives the students the opportunity to do withdrawals and deposits. In addition to performing simple transactions, the students are able to play fun financial focused games and receive prizes. The schools that we will be partnering with for this upcoming school year is Brandon Middle School and Brandon High School.


In addition to the Student-Run and In-School Credit Unions, we will also be visiting multiple grade levels to provide financial education through specialized presentations, games, and activities. The topics and content of the presentations are crafted specifically for each grade to ensure understanding of material. Some topics include budgeting, good saving methods, overview of credit, understanding wants vs. needs and identity theft.


The Credit Union’s Financial Education team is always excited to partner with schools to implement our financial education programs. If you would like to get in contact with us, please email financialeducation@msufcu.org.