“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ”— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968

OU Credit Union Supports Keeper of the Dream

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Published: Dec 22, 2017

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy at The Keeper of the Dream Awards Celebration

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1957.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a cornerstone to the Civil Rights movement, inspired and led generations to end injustice. By tirelessly promoting progress through nonviolent demonstrations, Dr. King became an international figure for equality. His life and legacy is honored each year, on the third Monday of January. This January, marks the 50th anniversary of his death, serving as a reminder to remain diligent in the fight against inequality.


Oakland University (OU) celebrates Dr. King’s vision through its 25th annual The Keeper of the Dream Awards Celebration. The Keeper of the Dream award recognizes OU students who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and shatter racial and cultural stereotypes through unity. Each year, up to six scholarships are awarded to remarkable students. During the awards ceremony, Emmy award-winning broadcaster, Ed Gordon, will deliver a keynote address. Gordon is a nationally syndicated icon, who has conducted interviews with leaders such as former President Barack Obama.   


Over the years, the support for The Keeper of the Dream program has grown. When the scholarship program began in 1993, two $1,000 scholarships were offered. Today, the program is able to award multiple $5,000 scholarships. As a result, more than eighty students across a variety of academic majors have been recognized for their accomplishments.


The Credit Union strongly believes in celebrating and supporting diversity. As an organization, we welcome unique perspectives and believe they are critical to success. We are proud to support Oakland University in its effort to engage with our young community members, while teaching them about Dr. King’s vision. To learn more about The Keeper of the Dream and past winners, please click here