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The ComputerLine Sign-In Experience is Changing
Some exciting enhancements are coming soon to our digital spaces. These enhancements will roll out over time, but we'll keep you updated on what's happening as we get closer to those changes taking place.
What's Changing
The first of our changes to roll out will be an enhanced Sign-In experience to ComputerLine.

Starting Wednesday, June 26, 2024, when you click "Sign In" to access ComputerLine on, you'll be directed to a new sign-in page. You'll be asked to enter your OU Credit Union username and then move on to a second screen where you'll enter your password. (Note: There will be no changes to the mobile app sign in process at this time).
Why are we making this change?
We're updating the ComputerLine Sign-In process for a few reasons:
To enhance the security of our Sign-In experience
To align with future changes coming to ComputerLine
To update the look and feel to a more engaging and modern experience.
If you use a password manager app or something similar, you may be prompted to update your credentials.
Visit our Security Center to learn about OU Credit Union Security Standards and tips for identifying authentic websites.