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Travel Notes

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Published: Apr 6, 2017

Traveling? Let Your Financial Institution Know

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With spring break now in the rearview mirror, summer vacation plans are starting to take form. Booking your flight or planning the best route on a map is priority one, but it is important to add travel notes to your vacation to-do list.


What are travel notes? It is the act of letting your financial institution know where and when you will be traveling to avoid a freeze on your debit or credit cards.Financial institutions will inevitably be on high fraud alert if they start to notice transactions happening outside of your usual shopping radius.


You can apply travel notes to your account by phone, in-person at a branch location, or your financial institution will allow you to input your travel itinerary to your account online. Make sure to include all dates you will be traveling and any states or countries you will be in during your time away.


Here are a few ways putting travel notes on your accounts will improve your vacation:


  1. 1.     Less hassle: If your financial institution freezes your card, you will most likely be required to call to confirm charges. If you are traveling internationally, the call could be difficult to make and you might incur international fees.
  2. 2.     Missing out: Vacation is all about fun and relaxation. Making that happen often comes at a cost. Having your cards declined could keep you away from a great experience or a very relaxing day at the spa.
  3. 3.     Emergencies: Most importantly, travel notes will ensure your cards will work in case of an emergency. It is vacation and you should plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. In addition, if you have multiple cards, bring at least two to reduce any possible inconveniences.

Now that you have travel notes as part of your vacation to-do list, enjoy your time away and peace of mind!