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What is my OU Credit Union account number?
Your full account number consists of two parts: your base account number and the Share ID. For example, if your account number is 123456, and 03 is your two-digit Share ID designating your savings or checking account, then 12345603 is your full account number to use for deposits or withdrawals.

Your base account number can be found on your statement, in ComputerLine® or in the Mobile app when viewing "My Profile". Your Share ID can be found on your MSUFCU statement, in ComputerLine®, or in the OU Credit Union Mobile app to the left of the share name when viewing Account Summary. (i.e. 00 - Spartan Saver, 03 - Totally Green Checking, etc).

For additional assistance locating your account number within ComputerLine, please click here.

For additional assistance locating your account number through the mobile app, please click here.

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