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How do I send funds to an account outside the U.S.? (International Wire Transfer)
To send funds to a financial institution within the U.S. Log in to ComputerLine® or the OU Credit Union Mobile app and send an eMessage with the following information:

- Your preferred daytime phone number
- Amount of wire
- Which share the funds are to be withdrawn from
- Currency of funds to send
- Name, address, and SWIFT code of receiving financial institution
- Name, address, and account number or IBAN of recipient
- Purpose of wire

Further information may be required based on the country that funds are being sent to. Common information requested by countries are:

- Australia - BSB
- Brazil - Recipient's phone number and tax ID
- Canada - Transit number
- China - Recipient's phone number
- India - IFSC/Reason for Payment
- Mexico - Clabe

If you prefer, you may complete an International Wire Transfer Form which can be found in the Forms section of our website. Once completed, the form can be uploaded through the eMessage Center or faxed to 866-374-2123. The cost of this service is $50.00, and additional written or verbal communication may be required to process the request.

Additionally, please note that wires must be processed by 3:00 p.m. ET to be sent the same business day. If this is a time sensitive wire, we recommend contacting us at 248-364-4708 or via Live Chat once the written request has been submitted to expedite the process.
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