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Member exclusive discount with Coetic!
Discount: MSUFCU Members get one free access per organization to one of our 9 targeted Leadership Insights Assessments to support local leadership development. Use code MSUFCU to start investing in your leadership.

Coetic's Leadership Insights Assessment offers immediately actionable results and is well suited to aspiring leaders, current leaders, leadership teams, and for use by leadership coaches with clients.

Learn more about how the Leadership Insights Assessment supports leaders and leadership teams to inspire growth and leadership excellence.people and teams integrate contributions.

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About: Coetic's Mission is to help people connect more meaningfully to work and to each other, in aligned pursuit of their organization's inspiring mission. Our name "Co" captures together. "Etic" references "viewpoints from outside." We help leaders and members step back together and see their organization from the outside to make meaningful changes within. We believe in applying our expertise in organizational psychology (the psychology of work) toward the success of organizations that matter to our human communities and lives.
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