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We're dedicated to the health and wellness of all employees. We provide benefits and resources to help employees and their families in all stages of life and with all aspects of their wellness.
I worked at MSUFCU previously for 5 years but took 12 years off to raise my young family. When I was ready, I applied to come back to work at MSUFCU and have been here for a year now in the eServices Department. The Credit Union is even better than it was before! I can have a great work-life balance, so I'm not missing out on family activities, while also having an engaging and rewarding work experience.
-Maisean, eServices Specialist
Physical Health
Lifestyle and
Emotional Health
Financial Health
Social Health
Physical Health
• Medical, dental, and vision coverage:* Full-time employees and their dependents are eligible for health insurance coverage beginning with their first day of employment. MSU Federal Credit Union pays 100% of premiums. Part-time employees are able to enroll into benefits at a cost.

• Telemedicine:* Employees who take advantage of our PPO health plan have telephone and video access to a board-certified physician 24/7.

• Workout classes: MSUFCU employees receive discounts off monthly or yearly memberships at a variety of gyms as well as access to our on-site gyms.

• Wellness Challenges: Participate in healthy challenges to keep you motivated to achieve your health goals and win prizes.

• Sponsored Races: Participate in local races and walks for free with our Credit Union sponsored races throughout the year.
Lifestyle and Emotional Health
• Generous paid time off package:* Begin banking up to 26 days per year, in addition to 11 paid holidays.

• Educational assistance:* Eligible employees can receive tuition reimbursement from accredited Colleges or Universities.

• Employee assistance plan: Professional and confidential counseling services at no cost and is designed to assist staff with both work-related and non-work-related problems.

• Mental health benefits: Through our employee assistance plan, health insurance*, and internal wellness committee we offer confidential counseling, a variety of support groups, and other mental health resources.

• Child Care Discounts: All employees are eligible for discounts on childcare tuition rates.
Financial Health
• Equitable and competitive pay: A review of pay equity and market comparison is conducted annually. We use market analysis software to compare the Credit Union's unique positions to those found in other companies of comparable size in our region.

• 401K Plan and 2:1 Contribution Match:* Prepare for your future and enhance your financial well-being through this awesome benefit! Our 401k Plan includes 2% employer contribution and a 2:1 Contribution match for eligible employees

• Paid parental leave:* Eligible employees may receive up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave to care for and bond with their newborn or newly adopted child.

• Financial planning meetings: Employees who would like more guidance with their finance can schedule 1:1 phone meetings, as well as on-site annual 1:1 planning meetings with a Principal Financial Planner.
Social Health
• Affinity Groups: Network of employees drawn together by characteristics, affinities, or professional interests. These employee-led groups help spread awareness of diversity among employees and members.

• Volunteer Time Off:* Each year employees receive paid time to volunteer with local 501c3 organizations.

• Book Club: Come together with other employees who are passionate about reading. Members bring forward new ideas and perspectives so they can better understand different points of view.

• CU Garden: Builds community among employees that share a passion for gardening, growing nutritious food for employee households and community food banks.
*Interns are not eligible for this benefit.

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Culture & Engagement

We believe that a thriving workplace culture fosters creativity, innovation, and a sense of belonging. We are committed to providing a positive and inclusive culture.


There's life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to have a healthy balance with resources and support in and out of the office.


We strive to make our interview process a true reflection of our culture: transparent, mindful, and collaborative.

Career Types

Learn about the different types of roles at MSUFCU and decide which career path is right for you.

Training & Development

Our dedicated Training and Development team provides free opportunities, both virtual and in person, that offer the perfect support for you to grow.


Our internship program provides professional experiences that empower students to create meaningful contributions to the Credit Union and the community.