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Routing Number: 272479663
Swift Code: MSUCUS44
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Instant Cash Line-of-Credit
as low as
9.90% APR
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Instant Cash Line
of Credit
as low as
9.90% APR
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Instant Cash Line-of-Credit
What it is
Answer a variety of your borrowing needs with an Instant Cash Line-of-Credit.

Bounce-proof your checking account with your Instant Cash Line-of-Credit. If your checking account balance falls negative, funds will be advanced from your line of credit (in $100 increments) to cover your checking transactions.

What we offer
• Low rate
• No application fees
• No prepayment penalties
• Pay only what you owe for as long as you borrow

Accessing Your Funds
Once your Instant Cash Line-of-Credit is established, access your funds through personalized loan checks, ComputerLine, MoneyLine, Green on the Go mobile banking, the MSUFCU Mobile app, and ATMs.

APR is annual percentage rate, and is stated for qualified members having high credit scores. Actual rates may be higher and will be determined by a member's credit score. Rates are subject to change. You will be advised of any change to the loan rate. Once notified, you will have the option to continue payments at the existing rate until the current balance is repaid, or you may continue to access your line-of-credit with payments on your existing balance and additional advances based on the new interest rate.