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Totally Gold Checking
Totally Gold Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
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For International Students, by OU Credit Union

Checking? Savings? No Problem.

While in the U.S., manage your finances efficiently and safely with an OU Credit Union account.

Money Transfers Made Easy

We'll make sure your money gets where it needs to be with our fast, easy, and secure international money transfers.

Serving Non-English Speaking Member

OU Credit Union is committed to ensuring our members have full access to the products and services we provide in multiple languages.

Mobile App
No matter where you go, we'll always be by your side. Safely and securely manage your money, view your accounts, transfer funds, or pay bills anytime, anywhere. You can also lock and unlock your OU Credit Union Visa Debit and Credit Cards, view exclusive Local Loyalty discounts, find fee-free ATMs, and more!

Within the app take advantage of Member2Member℠! A secure, simple and free way to instantly send money to OU Credit Union members. All it takes is a phone number or email - it's that easy! Watch a short video on how Member2Member℠ works!

Additional Resources

OU Credit Union is committed to helping you stay informed and connected. We offer accounts for student organizations (RSOs) associated with OU Credit Union. Check out our additional resources to find the answers and opportunities you are looking for.